The Unmaking


Life can be lived in the hiding, masked as being shy.
Brought to an unmaking, dare face what one might find?
What if it is more than just a personality type;
A paradox tainted with subconscious hints of pride?

A well-wounded heart and constant battle of the mind,
All too hurt to not say "I’m fine”.
The fear of fear, and pride blinding its pride,
Self-defence mechanisms retreating oneself back inside.

In all attempts to self-heal, falling in failure of everything tried;
What if it was never meant for one to self-suffice?
To hold responsible for rejection, betrayal, and wishes of how things should be like,
Treating differences with misled pictures of idealism never meant to be strived?

Perhaps it’s exactly in grace where one can find a place to thrive;
To accept the things that one can never define, to let the cracks be where His light shines.
To confess that the foolish one had been I, convinced that nothing else can satisfy;
To know and trust that in all fragility and helplessness, I am enough in Christ.

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