Her name is Jesslyn Lai. She is motivated strongly to live out the desires that are placed in her heart in doing what she loves through different mediums of art. Inspired by possibilities, she believes in finding and maximising the good in everything.

She’s a designer, photographer, and maker.


Starting at a young age of 15, she made crafts out of recycled materials. As she made sales, she explored different craft materials. One day, she bought wires and made wire names, and it had outsold everything else. She then moved to her next venture at Dazzlyn Wire. Towards her graduation exhibition in 2014, she created her personal branding - The Maker Jess, focusing on being a person rather than a business. She soon picked up calligraphy and hand-lettering as a personal interest and often shared encouraging words that spoke to her personally. Her works got noticed and was selected as one of Malaysia’s Top 10 Modern Calligrapher by Tallypress in 2015.

She currently works in a social enterprise that is passionate about making a difference through leadership, while leveraging the fuel that comes from creating at TheMakerJess in her workplace as the Creative Graphic Lead.

The Maker Jess; inspired by the Maker of Heaven.

She makes a variety of things ranging from gifts, personalised wire names, hand-stamped leather keychains, and hand-lettered goods. Feel free to contact her at themakerjess@gmail.com 

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Personalised Handmade Goods

+ Hand-lettering and Calligraphy
+ Personalised wire name jewelry
+ Hand-stamped leather keychains
+ Etc


Malaysia's Top 10 Modern Calligrapher by Tallypress